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At Detail Screen Printing & Embroidery it's all about quality and customer service. The sky is the limit when it comes to custom screen printing. If you need help with a design simply offer an idea to our Creative Artist and let us do the rest. Whether you're wanting to print on T-shirts, jackets or hats we offer a wide range of apparel to choose from.

We specialize in custom embroidery!  If you can imagine it...we can embroider it!   Sports uniforms, company logos, and Military insignia. There is no better way to create a personalized and professional look than with a custom embroidered logo. We craft all of our embroidery right at our on-site facility.

We will gladly help you with any of the following:

SPORTS: Baseball, Softball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Rugby, Tennis, Swimming, Track & Field, Figure Skating and Inline Skating, Running Events, Bowling, Curling, Fishing, Hunting, Equestrian, NASCAR, Trans-Am, Auto Racing, Motocross, Boating and Boat Racing and more.

SCHOOLS, CHURCHES & MINISTRIES: High School, Middle School, Elementary School events, College sports and events, Fund Raisers, High School Reunions, Plays, Symphony's, Dramas, Gift / Retail Stores, Corporate events and much, much more.

EVENTS: Family Reunions, Festivals, Parades, Weddings & Anniversaries, Event Anniversaries (Town / City 100 years old), Vacation Bible Study, Corporate parties / celebrations, Inaugural and annual events and more.

Please send us an email or call us today to discuss your special project.

Email us at : sales@dpsportsinc.com

Detail Screen Printing & Embroidery
4520 W. 34th Street, Suite B. - Houston, TX 77018
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Detail Screen Printing & Embroidery
Armando DeLeon
4520 W. 34th Street, Suite B, Houston -  Houston, TX 77018
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Email: sales@dpsportsinc.com
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